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"Whats for dinner?"A common question that can turn a good day into a nightmare. Chef On Demand is your solution to that dilemma. Stressful meal planning can be a thing of the past when your personal chef creates nutritional, healthy, customized meals in your home.

Customized Menu Planning.  We take the time to learn your individual needs and preferences. This information is used to create delicious meals personalized to your individual tastes.

Special Diet?   Whether you are Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan or Whole 30, just to name a few, Chef On Demand can make it, and make it Delicious!

Grocery Shopping. The grocery shopping is done for you. The freshest and finest ingredients are purchased by the Chef just before coming to your home and preparing your meals.

In-Home Meal PreparationChef On Demand comes to your home with everything needed and prepares multiple customized meals in your kitchen.

Storage and Cleanup.  Chef Wendy packages, labels and stores your meals in your refrigerator and/or freezer. She leaves your kitchen sparkling clean and your home filled with aromas of freshly prepared foods.

Your Mission.  Simply heat up one of your many prepared meals and enjoy the added free time and the fruits (or vegetables) of your personal chefs' labors.